What's a $32,000 Plane Suite Really Like?

If you're into the high-end airline service game, well, congratulations. You've either made it in this world financially, or you've made it in this world airline-miles-ly. Neither one's a bad place to be, since you're surrounded by endless champagne and lay-flat seats, rather than $7 beers and tray tables in your face. But chances are, you've not experienced an entire apartment-sized suite on an airplane before.

Now you can experience it vicariously.

The Points Guy, aka airline miles blogger Brian Kelly, recently published a video review of the inaugural flight from New York's JFK to Abu Dhabi on Etihad. Take the review with a grain of salt, as The Points Guy site makes its money through credit card and airline referrals. But Kelly's seat, of course, makes this review exceptional, as he booked the $32,000 Etihad Residence. Among the amenities: a private car to the airport (along with a second car for your luggage); an apartment at the airport; an in-flight butler; an in-flight chef; copious amounts of caviar; and enough space to fit a 6ft7in human lying down in pajamas. 

It's the very definition of excess. Kelly himself calls it the "most expensive nap" of his life. But that's the whole point. 

In a twist, Etihad forgot to send Kelly's bags on the flight. Which goes to show: even with a $32,000 ticket, you're not exempt from the mysteries of airlines.

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Ryan Craggs is Thrillist's Senior News Editor. He flies first class occasionally. But he's first class always. Follow him @ryanrcraggs.