A Real-Life Kwik-E-Mart From 'The Simpsons' Just Opened

While being trapped in a cartoon as an IRL person sounds like an absolutely horrifying experience, bringing the cartoon world to our reality is pretty consistently delightful. And while it's super-exciting that Disney is opening a real-life Pizza Planet from Toy Story, it might be even better that The Simpsons has made its way to 3-D reality.

Well, at least a real-life Kwik-E-Mart just opened in South Carolina: The famed convenience store has set up shop at Broadway at the Beach in Myrtle Beach.

"Every inch of this store is themed, including bringing products to life,” Mark Cornell, senior vice president of attractions development with SimEx-Iwers Entertainment told WMBF News. “The products that are on the show, you can actually come and experience in the store first hand. Sort of like getting a taste of the show.” 

That means you'll be getting a taste of those iconic pink Lard Lad donuts, actual cans of Duff (in this case an energy drink), Squishee slushies, hot-lamp hot dogs, eight flavors of Buzz Cola, and more.

This is all linked to the opening of an IRL Aztec Theatre, which will showcase a "4D" Simpsons experience starting sometime next year. WMBF reports that this is "the first of five future locations like it, and the start of a Springfield [Cornell] wants to grow at Broadway at the Beach."

This actually isn't the first time people have had the chance to set foot in Kwik-E-Mart -- 7-Elevens transformed into the Springfield staple as a promotion for The Simpsons Movie back in 2007. And you can also visit the grocery store at Universal Studios, but that's more of a gift shop. This location is being branded the "world's first authentic Kwik-E-Mart." 

As long as Mr. Burn's nuclear power plant stays in the cartoon world, this all sounds great.

h/t WMBF, Food & Wine

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