This Minnesota Restaurant Says Its Burger Induces Labor. They've Seen It Happen.

Hello, ladies. Look at your womb. Now back to your mirror. Now back at your womb. Now back to your mirror. Your body can make things. Things that move, have feelings, and eventually take issue with your political views. But when that baby is massive and still happy inside the womb, expressing no noticeable interest in entering the world, you’ll do literally anything to induce labor and get your body back. 

Well, a restaurant in Excelsior, Minnesota wants to help you out, with a burger called the “Labor Inducer.” 

It didn’t start as an attempt to induce labor. That would be weird. It was actually part of an experiment for the Twin Cities Burger Battle. Last April, Enrique, the chef at The Suburban, served up a sample of his concoction, a beef patty topped with honey-cured bacon, peach caramelized onions, spicy mustard and Cajun remoulade served between a pretzel bun. The recipient of the sample, the restaurant’s co-owner Kelsey Quarberg, loved it so much that she asked for more. She was pregnant at the time -- a terrifying nine days from her due date. 

Her sister and co-owner Ashley Berset told Fox News that, after eating her full-sized burger and sitting with it for a few hours, Kelsey went into labor. The owners decided that this happy, maybe coincidence was worth putting on the menu. Soon enough, in September, a woman who ordered the burger on her due date went into labor at midnight.

Berset told Fox News that one to three women come a day to get the burger, but there have not been any known success stories since the September birth, so it's likely just a coincidence. Be careful, though, ladies... this thing sounds so delicious it might actually make you pregnant. 

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Ruby Anderson is a News Writer for Thrillist.