These Are The Top Ten Companies Americans Want to Work For

By now, you're well-versed in the fields of study that yield the worst jobs prospects after college, just as you're aware of the highest and lowest-paying entry level jobs for newly-minted worker bees. But where do seasoned members of the workforce and recent college grads both yearn to gain employment? According to Linkedin's annual Top Companies List, which cites 50 companies across 21 different industries that offer the most attractive work opportunities, the tech world reigns supreme, despite it's sometimes strenuous effect on the rank and file.  

Linkedin's Editor-in-Chief, Daniel Roth, explains what constitutes a "top company," according to the study's methodology, writing that the "list is based on the billions of actions taken by LinkedIn's 500+ million members and looks at three main pillars: interest in a company's jobs, interest in a company's brand and employees, and employee retention."

The top ten most attractive companies to work for in the United States are as follows: 

  • Alphabet
  • Amazon
  • Facebook
  • Salesforce
  • Uber
  • Tesla
  • Apple
  • Time Warner
  • The Walt Disney Company
  • Comcast NBC Universal

Alphabet, the parent company of Google, is a major bulwark of the tech industry and one of its most important and earliest players. The salaries, of course, aren't bad either, so it makes perfect sense as the leader of the pack. Many of the other companies boast great benefits and salaries even at entry-level roles, however a few of the major tech players in the lineup have often been scrutinized for treating workers unfairly and engaging in some pretty bizarre practices. That, unfortunately, is life in the Machiavellian paradise of Silicon Valley

Still, the study only reflects the most traffic and activity that certain companies receive on Linkedin -- so it isn't exactly a roadmap for finding total contentment in one's career. After all, many of these companies are changing the way people live and work, so it's never a bad opportunity to send in a resume.