This $2 Magical Wand Can Prevent Wine Hangovers

Every casual wine drinker dreams of mitigating a hangover: You enjoy a nice Bordeaux, Chianti or Malbec -- or five or six -- only to be throttled from your slumber by a jarring headache and the words “why God why” rattling through your skull.

But apparently you can stop all this with The Wand, a magical contraption engineered to swaddle away the chemicals that cause hangovers. David and Derek Meadows are a father-son-duo from Texas, and they feel the end is nigh for all things related to wine hangovers -- namely nasal congestion, headaches, flushed skin and occasional breathing problems.

But how does this product work? Great rhetorical question. David Meadows, the father, has a PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Michigan, so that probably makes this legit. Right?

In any case, the wand absorbs sulfites, removes sulfite preservatives and aerates your wine, using ionic exchange resin beads -- which are commonly used to extract stuff from other stuff. In this case, they get to work killing those damn histamines, leaving you with less chance of waking up like a zombie.

Culture Map Austin notes that after waiving it through a glass and letting it sit for eight minutes, the Wand scrubs away 95% of sulfites and histamines, leaving your chances of calling in sick at the office at about 5%. However, it only maintains magic properties for one time use, as explained on its website: "Repeated use reduces the performance and effectiveness of the product."

The Wand works on all varieties of wine, whether white, red or sparkling -- although your bubbles will lose their effervescence after interacting with the device, which amazingly only costs $2.