This Chicken Sandwich Comes in 50 Different Flavors

The Wing Experience's customizable chicken sandwich might just change the game.

Courtesy of Smokey Bones/Illustration by Grace Han/Thrillist
Courtesy of Smokey Bones/Illustration by Grace Han/Thrillist

The unofficial chicken sandwich war has been waging in the restaurant industry since 2019 when Popeye's rocked the world with its mouthwatering new menu offering. In the years since, pretty much every eatery has been trying to get in on the chicken craze, with frequent new entrants to the proverbial food fight.

The latest is a completely customizable chicken sandwich that comes in 50 different flavors. 

The Wing Experience, a chicken-focused virtual restaurant from Smokey Bones, is unleashing its attempt at chicken sandwich stardom just in time for National Fried Chicken Day (July 6, for those who want to get in on the poultry party). The sandwich can be sauced in any one of The Wing Experience's 50 sauces.

There are the usual suspects, such as Buffalo, Cajun, Ranch, Lemon Pepper, and Memphis BBQ Dry Rub, but there are also some more unusual flavors, like Garam Masala Curry, Hot Cinnamon Candy Apple, Sriracha Boom Boom, and Harissa Honey. You can find a full list of all 50 sauces here.

While there aren't any brick-and-mortar locations, you can order from The Wing Experience in 62 places across 16 different states.

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