Tinder Users Share Their Worst Horror Stories


Armed with nothing but a selfie and a tagline, Tinder users must cross bravely over the threshold of the right swipe. It's a scary, horny world out there... potentially populated by your hot cousin.

Shedding some light on the darkest Tinder moments, an AskReddit thread revealed the absolute worst Tinder horror stories among users. Here are some of the best. Or the worst? Either way, they'll probably get you to follow through on your weekend promise to delete the app for good.

The getaway car

The birthday party fiasco 

Red flags. Red flags everywhere. 

Meet the Parents

Cousin lovin'

Hey, Schmucks are people too!

"My roommate is my Tinder nightmare"

Carne Asada Momma

Salad, cigarettes, and breakup sex


The Mansplainer

Erika isn't so great