Watch 16,000 Pieces of Domino Maze Come Crashing Down

Dominoes are a simplistic toy, but coupled with the right imagination and some sheer persistence, they can get notably elaborate. And there’s a whole scene of Domino-warriors out there, who dedicate considerable time building shrines that all come tumbling down in a cathartic smash.

Take TheDominoKing, for example. He assembled a domino-labyrinth in honor of Shovel Knight -- a 2D video game developed by Yacht Games. He filmed the endeavor, set against a triumphant heavy metal version of the Shovel Knight soundtrack -- which could easily serenade a group of knights feasting on mutton chops after a day of battle. 

See for thineself:

In total, TheDominoKing used 16,008 domino pieces to construct the monstrosity, which he claims took two full days of work to build. He claims to be a big video game lover, saying “I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve spent playing Shovel Knight, so I decided it was about time to dedicate a video to such a great game.”

Well, if that wasn't as cathartic as you hoped -- you should probably lower your expectations -- feast your eyes on TheDominoKing's 80,000 piece tribute to Super Mario

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