This 65,000-Piece LEGO Concorde Jet Features Seats, Luggage Inside

If you were blown away by the enormous (and depressing) model of a sinking Titanic made with more than 120,000 LEGO bricks, then prepare to add this equally impressive LEGO Air France Concorde plane -- complete with a cutaway revealing its interior -- to the list of LEGO megastructures you wish you could build (and play with) right now.

Designed and constructed by LEGO master Ryan McNaught of, the enormous model of the long-defunct supersonic aircraft is composed of more than 65,000 pieces and took 188 hours to complete. From end to end, the Concorde spans a staggering 13ft (4m), which is easier to grasp thanks to photos posted on Twitter from the recent Brickvention (LEGO convention) in Australia, where it was on display:

But what's likely the model's coolest feature is a full-length cutaway that reveals the LEGO Concorde's cockpit, seating, lavatories, fuel storage, and cargo areas. And based on the pictures, it appears the LEGO Concorde even includes the sad, real-life detail of zero passengers able to hop across the Atlantic in a fraction of the time.

Check out a few more photos below:

h/t Gizmodo

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