This Company Will Show You How Your Tattoo Looks On Your Body Before It's Permanent

Published On 11/01/2015 Published On 11/01/2015

Do you love tattoos, but hate commitment? If you've been known to make rash decisions and have gotten a few, er, questionable tattoos on your body, then you should check out Momentary Ink. 

As the name implies, Momentary Ink specializes in creating temporary tattoos of your design and choosing, and will send you a temporary tattoo in the mail that you apply yourself. Unlike real tattoos, these guys only last a week and can be applied without any needles. The company allows people to essentially "test out" their designs to ensure they don't make the horrible mistake of branding themselves with a tribal design or a Marilyn Monroe quote. 

Starting out at around $15 for a four-inch design, Momentary Ink's tattoos are applied like run-of-the-mill temporary tattoos, but last longer with the help of a sealing and matting solution.  

 Unlike the temporary tattoos you'd find in a pack of Cracker Jacks, you can create ornate and colorful tattoos on your body by simply uploading a design or chatting with their in-house tattoo artist team. Lasting anywhere from three to ten days, the ink comes off with just a little bit of baby oil and will save you the lifelong embarrassment of having "Hotline Bling" tattooed on your arm.

Plus, if you don't like it, they'll send you a refund. Quick poll: how relevant will the lyrics of "Hotline Bling" be in ten years? Asking for a friend. 

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Jeremy Glass is a writer for Thrillist and doesn't even want to get into the reason he got a cow tattooed on his back.



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