This Dude Ate Pizza Every Day For a Whole Year

Eating pizza every day is a good plan in theory but is it actually feasible? Yes, yes it is. Just ask this dude, Kyle Feeney.

Feeney looks just about the same as when he started his pizza challenge, maybe even happier. The guy's 2015 New Year's Resolution was to eat a slice of pizza every day, and unlike so much of the population, he achieved his goal. And to add to his accomplishment, he didn't just silently gorge himself on pepperoni pleasures behind closed doors, though that sounds like a nice use of an evening. Instead, 23-year-old Feeney documented his whole cheese-filled journey on Instagram, and even managed to raise some money for charity.

He posted a video of himself daily, all of which include silliness and pizza.

Here he is on day one.


A video posted by Kyle Feeney (@team_pizza_365) on >

Here he is being Rocky Balboa.


A video posted by Kyle Feeney (@team_pizza_365) on

Here he is at the Vatican.


A video posted by Kyle Feeney (@team_pizza_365) on

And here he is when things got weird.


A video posted by Kyle Feeney (@team_pizza_365) on

During the process, Feeney started a Go Fund Me campaign, where he raised money for Autism Speaks. His goal was to raise $10,000 and he promised to get a slice of pizza tattooed on himself if the goal was met. He did, and it was. Here he is getting a pizza tattoo.


A photo posted by Kyle Feeney (@team_pizza_365) on

Seriously, this dude is killing it. He even told Business Insider, “I didn't get sick of pizza, surprisingly. I guess I really love pizza.” As we all do Kyle. As we all do.

Happy New Year and congrats.


A video posted by Kyle Feeney (@team_pizza_365) on

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