This German Cat "Accidentally" Drank Three Bottles of Wine

Published On 10/26/2015 Published On 10/26/2015

Move over, Lil Bub. There's a new cat in town, and he's got a serious thirst. After accidentally being trapped in his neighbor's wine cellar for seven weeks, a German cat named Aljosha (rolls right off the tongue, right?) totally tied one on by drinking three bottles of wine valued at around $40 each. Yeah, okay, Aljosha; sounds suspiciously similar to the time I accidentally got locked in my parent's liquor cabinet. 

"He was more dead than alive when I picked him up," said his owner, the extremely German-sounding Claudia von Büren on the extremely German-sounding website After being diagnosed with alcohol poisoning, poor little Aljosha went to the vet, spent three days in recovery, and is now apparently feeling a hell of a lot better. 

When asked to comment on the situation, Aliosha couldn't comprehend what was going on, because he is a feline and doesn't have the cognitive capacity of human beings. But, I don't speak German, so maybe that's the source of the problem. 

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Jeremy Glass is a writer for Thrillist and drank three bottles of wine before writing this article.



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