Look at These Super Sensual Halloween Lawn Decorations

This is not your regular Halloween decoration.

Courtesy of Amazon
Courtesy of Amazon

Halloween horniness isn't a new thing. From scream queens running for their lives in skimpy bikinis in horror movies to that Bob Ross costume that includes a plunging neckline and spandex hot shorts, there's been a long understanding that the holiday represents a different form of treats for some. But it's also been an agreement, a social contract, that the PG-13 and R-rated elements of Halloween wouldn't be on full display for just everyone to see.

That is until a company called Goosh decided to create a six-foot-long inflatable lawn decoration that includes two skeletons in a rather compromising position. That kind of puts it all on display. Generally, people are fans of giant skeleton decorations, but when it comes to skeletons jumping each other's bones, some expressed disgust.

Courtesy of Amazon

"This product is suggestive and vulgar," one reviewer on Amazon commented before adding, "Its association with a holiday that centers around children is offensive beyond measure." Another wrote that it is "a horrible idea." But not everyone was appalled. According to another reviewer, the lawn decor apparently "blows up super fast" and is "perfect," according to another reviewer. Well, thank goodness it doesn't take a long time to inflate.

If you want to put this decoration on your front lawn, despite what your neighbors may say, you can purchase the six-foot-long, five-and-a-half feet tall decoration from Amazon for just $84.99. The product description says that "Besides Halloween, it can be used as any other holiday decoration." It even suggests installing it in a courtyard "to enjoy the holiday with your family and spreading a happy atmosphere to your neighborhoods." I'm not sure that how well that will work out for you, though.

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