This Guy Tenderizes His Meat by Blowing It up with Dynamite

Published On 11/29/2016 Published On 11/29/2016

Dynamite basically exists for the purpose of spectacularly destroying stuff. But that didn't stop a Swedish man from using the powerful explosives to do the exact opposite and actually make something better. That something is steak, of course. Dynamite steak. Allow us to explain.

In a new video posted to YouTube on Sunday, a Swedish professional dynamite expert known as "Dynamite Erik" demonstrates how to tenderize meat by literally blowing it up with a bunch of dynamite, or, more specifically, exposing it to the powerful force of an explosion. Watch as he takes a sealed package of meat (we're just going to assume it's beef), places it in a big plastic bag filled with 100 liters of water, adds some dynamite, and ultimately detonates it in the middle of a clearing. The resulting explosion obliterates the whole setup, but as "Dynamite Erik" so eloquently puts it, makes the meat "really, really tender." His wild laughter in the aftermath of the blast is a nice touch.

"Dynamite Erik" closes the video by taking a bite of the cooked steak, saying, "dynamite meat is the best meat." Or you might just say it was some seriously bomb-ass steak. This should go without saying, but don't try this one at home folks. Cooking is already dangerous enough as it is.

h/t First We Feast

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