"Drizzy Tearz" Is the iPhone Game Where You Stop Drake from Crying


If you like Drake — and you do — then you're going to love "Drizzy Tearz," a new iPhone game that challenges players to control our favorite Canadian's tears from hitting the bottom of the screen. Perfect. 

Complete with a killer soundtrack, the game is as simple as it is topical, (re: Drake's constant emotions) as all you have to do is tap the tearz to stop them from falling. "Drizzy Tearz" has hit the market at the perfect time, as the world is currently steeping in Drake Fever... probably has something to do with that Hotline Bling song. 

Honestly, is there anyone out there more deserving of an iPhone game than Aubrey Drake Graham? The game's soundtrack “Tearz from The 6” is currently streaming on Apple Music and Spotify. Get on it! 

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Jeremy Glass is a writer for Thrillist and is currently listening to every Drake song ever.