Australia Eats More Meat Than Any Other Country


The United States certainly has a reputation for its carnivorous ways; cheeseburgers aren't just a food, but a way of life. But in the battle for most bloodthirsty nation, Americans don't come out on top. The only country that makes Americans feel wimpy? That's right. You guessed it: Australia.

According to data presented by the Organization of Economic Development and Co-Operation, the country where drop bears and Russell Crowe can kill you consumes around 199 pounds of meat per person in 2014. The US was really nipping at Australia's heels though, consuming around 198 pounds of meat per capita, while, Argentina -- a place known for its churrasco grilling -- came in third, with just about 191 pounds per capita.

Interestingly, Aussies, Americans, and Israelis put up big numbers for chicken, while the Argentinians and Uruguayans reign supreme in beef consumption, eating around 90 pounds of beef per capita. The meat sweats must be strong in the Southern Cone. Here's an infographic where you can see just what each country's eating. 

This means so much more today, after the World Health Organization announcement that that processed meats can cause cancer. Hey, if you're gonna go, might as well go full and happy.

On that note, check out the top 10 countries for meat consumption:

10. Russia
9. Canada 
8. Chile
7. New Zealand
6. Uruguay 
5. Brazil
4. Israel 
3. Argentina 
2. United States 
1. Australia 

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Kara King is a News Writer for Thrillist and had a brief stint as a vegetarian. It did not go well. Send news tips to and follow her at @karatillie