This Map Shows The Most Popular Netflix Show in All 50 States

The United States of Netflix loves binge-watching some great TV. The streaming giant is on track to score an audience of 180 million subscribers by 2020, which means we can expect Netflix to continue eclipsing cable as shows like Stranger Things, Orange Is the New Black, Narcos and Fuller House captivate couch potatoes everywhere.

With that in mind, the data-wonks at compiled a map of the most popular Netflix show in every state, and it looks like this:

The map was produced using Google trends data concerning the company’s 75 most popular shows. Netflix is pretty secretive about its own ratings, and doesn’t release any of its viewership data, so this should suffice as a nice geographical blueprint for who’s digging that sweet Netflix #content around the country.

It appears much of the south is enamored with Bloodline and Scandal, while Oregon predictably watches Portlandia. Given its proximity to the nation’s capitol, Virginia watches House of Cards, while Utah -- being the wholesome haven that it is -- snuggles up with some Gilmore Girls.

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