This Massive Snake Hiding in a Toilet is Pure Terror

If you live in the wilds of Thailand, nature will definitely throw something grim in your direction like it’s the most routine thing in the world. Here, a giant snake lurks in a toilet bowl, in a strong reaffirmation that sheer terror is bound by absolutely nothing -- and that includes modern plumbing.

While it might look like the culmination of some twisted nightmare, the sight of a massive rat snake seems pretty routine for the animal control workers of Khon Kaen, who dispose of it with smiles. From the second they pull that thing out of the toilet bowl, it only seems to get longer and longer, further adding to the unceasing horror of it all. According to the video's description, it was released into the wild the next day, where it's probably taken to another bathroom. Luckily, rat snakes are not poisonous, although they are huge and scary and oh my God, why the hell was it in a toilet? 

The toilet is supposed to be a sanctuary, but it’s now clear that nothing is holy on planet Earth. You’re welcome, and please enjoy your next bathroom trip. 

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