These Canadian Dudes Dancing With Shovels Are Holiday Perfection

Oh, Canada. Sometimes you're so very relentlessly Canadian it's hard to believe.

Three members of the Maritime Bhangra Group in Halifax, Nova Scotia have put together the most joyful snow dancing you will ever see. The three men start off shoveling and wind up dancing hard with shovels in a snowy parking lot when the music kicks in.

The video has gone viral and because it's oh so very Canadian, of course they aren't just doing it for the attention. The group wants to teach people to Bhangra, but they also made the video to help raise funds for the ALS Society of Canada. The group is even sifting through the comments on YouTube encouraging people and thanking everyone who said the video made them smile on a tough day.

The only way this could be more Canadian is if they started on ice skates holding a cup of Tim Hortons coffee and got drenched in maple syrup at the end like contestants on Double Dare.

Try not to smile while watching these dudes tear up a parking lot to some Bhangra.  (And if you aren't fully getting your fix here, their YouTube page is loaded with excellent dancing.)

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