Why You Should Never Drink Airplane Coffee, According to a Flight Attendant

And many more secrets from flight attendants, past and present.

Robert Alexander/Getty Images

Look, the past two years have been extremely hard for everyone (except billionaires, I guess). But it has been particular stressful and strenuous for flight attendants, with cases of in-air incidentsand unruly passengers skyrocketing over the past 18 months.

So on this episode of the Thrillist Explorers podcast, we wanted to give FA's the floor, to deliver their gripes, share their personal stories, and dive a little bit into their long and storied history.

We bring on the Grumpy Stew, an anonymous flight attendant who channels his displeasure with passengers into memes. We learn about "crash pads" via the Hotel Crash Pad Network (and visit one ourselves). Thrillist staffers engage in a round of "Ask a Flight Attendant," where we find out if joining "the Mile High Club" is actually illegal, and why you should never drink coffee on an airplane. Phil Tiemeyer (Plane Queer) tells us how they history of gay men in America intersects with the history of flight attendants. And we hear about the glory days of PanAm with writer Julia Cooke (Come Fly the World With Me) and former PanAM stewardesses Tori Werner and Betty A. Riegel (Up in the Air), featuring a stowaway rhino, celebrity passengers, and how PanAm played a major and surprising role in 20th century American history.

Put your seat in its upright position, tray table up, and let's celebrate flight attendants together!

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