All the Gear (and Advice) You Need for Your Next Hiking or Camping Trip

Many Americans are deciding to hike or camp for the first time this summer.

As both social distancing and wanderlust continue to be in full effect, many Americans are deciding to hike and/or camp for the first time -- which is great! What isn't great: so many novice outdoorspeople are woefully unprepared with the knowledge and gear they need to have a safe and enjoyable experience with nature.

So, in this episode of Thrillist's Best Podcast, I'm tapping the advice of writer and podcaster Lauren Gay, aka Outdoorsy Diva, and Thrillist editor Alex Robinson. They'll detail the gear you need, the advice you should heed, and also their own personal favorite hiking/camping destinations of all time. You don't have to be a grizzled vet to enjoy the great outdoors this summer (but as it turns out, you probably do have to accept smelling like crap).

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Wil Fulton is a producer for Thrillist. If you told told him he could only eat one thing for the rest of his life... he'd be frightened and confused. Follow him @wilfulton.