TikTok Reveals How Big Macs Are Made & It's a Lot More Complicated Than You Think

The intricate process involves individual mini toasters for each bun.

Edited - Courtesy of McDonald's
Edited - Courtesy of McDonald's

It's always fun to learn the behind-the-scenes assembly secrets of our favorite fast food meals. A new TikTok posted by @essentialmcdonalds showed how the bread for a Big Mac gets toasted. The video has received more than 6.9 million views.

It is pretty interesting for anyone who has never been in a McDonald's kitchen. Each piece of bread for the Big Mac gets its own toaster. The top of the bun is called the crown, the middle piece of bread is called the club, and the bottom piece is called the heel. Each bun has its own miniature toaster for that specific piece of bread. It's kind of cute and very detail-oriented.

"You put your buns in the box. Your crown's on the top, your heels on the bottom, and your club's on top of your crown," the TikToker explained in the video. Then, they explain the process of assembling the rest of the sandwich. Big Mac sauce goes onto the bun, then lettuce, then the rest of the burger's contents. It takes quite a bit of skill to piece together the beloved burger.

The TikToker told Insider that the most challenging part of the Big Mac build was putting the assembled club section of the burger on the heel section without any spillage.

The identity of the TikToker behind the @essentialmcdonalds remained anonymous so that they can continue to make the behind-the-scenes content without fearing repercussions from his job, according to Insider. The user told the site even more details about the construction of the Big Mac and how difficult it can be to learn the process and get it down correctly.

"New employees generally get it within 4-5 sandwiches, so once they've made 4-5 of them they typically understand how to make it," the TikToker explained.

Now you know—the next time your order a Big Mac, there is an employee on the assembly line carefully toasting each of your buns and stacking the burger so it fits neatly in its box. 

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