The Internet Is Divided Over a TikToker's Hack to Get a Free Drink at Starbucks

A TikTok user shared a hack that they claim will get customers two drinks for the price of one, but the method is causing controversy.

TikTok is great for a lot of things, especially hacks. Especially food hacks, really.

While these TikTok hacks aren't typically very controversial, a new Starbucks BOGO hack has some people sticking up their noses. 

A TikTok user shared a trick that they claim will get customers two drinks for the price of one, but the method is causing controversy. The video was posted by @starlight_1995. In it, she explains that simply buying a drink—in her case a tall Kiwi Starfruit Refresher—with no ice, but then asking for a small cup of ice on the side can basically double your order. In the video, she pours some of her drink into the ice cup, essentially creating two drinks for the price of one.

"Buy one drink and get 2 free with no additional charge," she wrote over the video, which has been viewed more than 478,000 times.

Several TikTok users appeared to enjoy the tip. Some even noted that they "stopped buying Starbucks" because of the amount of ice in each drink. Others, however, didn't like it. Starbucks baristas, in particular, seemed to take issue with the hack, which apparently isn't new.

"I love when TikTok rediscovers that ice takes up space in cups," one of the top commenters wrote.

Another added, "This tactic doesn't work at bars either. Just cause you ordered no ice doesn't mean you're entitled to more drink."

An alleged Starbucks barista claimed that using this trick can alter the quality of certain drinks. According to them, refresher recipes, in particular, are written to account for ice, meaning that ordering them without can throw off the proportions and therefore the flavor.

"Ngl it's not gonna taste the exact same bc we have to eyeball how much lemonade and juice to put in," one supposed barista wrote. "That's bc we put it in a shaker that tells us how much, & getting it with no ice can kinda mess up how we measure the ingredients. So it'll be a little different each time. But u do u boo."

If you care more about getting more bang for your buck, this hack might be great. If you're all about quality and flavor, though, maybe just leave it to the professionals.