Can You Get Voted Off a Flight? Apparently It's Possible

A TikTok showing a woman getting "voted" off a flight just went viral.

frontier plane seats
Photo by Michael Oster, courtesy of Frontier
Photo by Michael Oster, courtesy of Frontier

Next time you're considering getting into an argument on a plane, you might want to think again and keep your mouth zipped. Why? Because you might get treated to the reality TV show special—as in, you might get voted off the aircraft.

In a recent TikTok that has since gone viral with 6 million views, a woman is shown getting "voted off" a Frontier flight from Trenton, New Jersey to Atlanta by her fellow passengers. The video, which was posted by user @lanaisli (who was also a passenger on the flight) is the third video of a short TikTok series depicting how the situation unfolded.

None of the videos, though, clarify how the situation came to happen. In the videos, viewers can only see how the woman in question gets in an animated discussion with a couple sitting a few rows ahead of her. At one point, another visibly frustrated passenger on the flight gets involved, and in the last video he can be heard starting off an actual poll to see how many people, by raise of hand, would like to get the woman removed from the flight.

"We got 40-50 people that would like her removed from the flight," he says. "If you want her removed from the flight, please raise your hand…if you can hear me raise your hand if you want her removed from the flight," the man continues, as he quickly looks around to count the votes. The video then proceeds to show the woman being asked to collect her belongings and rapidly escorted off the flight.

As far as the backstory to this wild episode goes, the original video poster told Newsweek that the woman was antagonizing the couple, who had been arguing with a flight attendant about changing their seats. More specifically, the couple was being removed from the flight due to the conflict caused with flight attendants, and the woman reportedly started antagonizing them as they were being escorted off the plane, which is what started off the entire argument recorded in the videos.

According to the TikToker, more than half of the passengers, including herself, decided to vote the woman off the flight. "She was also in the wrong," she told Newsweek. Thrillist has reached out to the video poster for comment.

TikTok users were quick to note the absurdity of it all, and some of them did it in a very playful and witty tone. "Is this a survivor plane or something…" asked one user. "How do you get voted off the island like this."

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