People Are Peeling Raw Eggs on TikTok and the Internet Can't Stop Watching

The soothing trend shows people peeling raw eggs with surgery-like precision.

I really never thought I'd say this but it's 2022 and the internet is obsessed with videos of people trying to successfully peel raw eggs. If your reaction is anywhere between "Huh?" and "Why?" well, you are not alone.

The Egg Peel Challenge has 49M views on TikTok at the time of writing and features people using surgeon-like dexterity to peel raw eggs. The objective of the challenge is to separate the hard shell of the egg from the soft egg membrane that protects the egg yolk and albumen (you know, the white part).

One TikToker, @seandreww, says in his challenge video that upon starting he was immediately faced with obstacles. "Getting the initial crack in the egg proves to be impossible." He also adds, "Move too quickly and you tear the membrane, which is exactly where we failed."

To spice up the challenge, some TikTokers are even eating the raw eggs if they don't succeed in de-shelling them.

Raw Egg Challenge videos started popping up around mid-December 2021, with some TikTokers even live-streaming themselves attempting the challenge. 

Like with most internet challenges, the origins of this one are unclear. TikTok user @itxhurts2know, whose page features tutorials on how to peel raw eggs, believes the trend was started by user @holidayegg, though there are videos on YouTube of surgeons and med students showing of their super steady hands peeling raw eggs dating back as far as 2016.

Egg Peel Challenge tutorial

Many of the videos for the challenge are soothing, with an ASMR-like quality similar to sand-cutting and paint-mixing videos, which is why we wouldn't blame you if you felt like giving this challenge a try. Honestly, after watching these videos back-to-back I almost grabbed an egg and pulled out my tweezers.

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