Tim Hortons Disguised Its Mother's Day Donut Boxes So Moms Can Hide Their Treats

They look like giant books that nobody else will care to open.

Tim Hortons Disguise Donut Boxes for Mother's Day
Disguise Donut Boxes for Mother's Day | Courtesy of Tim Hortons U.S.
Disguise Donut Boxes for Mother's Day | Courtesy of Tim Hortons U.S.

If you saw a giant book on the counter titled Glazed Expectations or Twenty Thousand Timbits Under the Sea, you might find it bizarre, but probably not bizarre enough to assume it's filled with donuts. That's Tim Hortons' goal this Mother's Day.

In honor of moms everywhere who put their children first day after day—even if it means always getting last pick from the donut box—Tim Hortons decided to roll out Disguise Donut Boxes in select locations during Mother's Day Weekend. The boxes look like boring old books, but when you lift the lid, you'll find a secret stash of six fresh donuts.

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Tim Hortons Donut Disguise Box for Mother's Day
Courtesy of Tim Hortons U.S.

Whether you're a mom looking to hide treats from her kid or a kid looking to treat their mom, you can pick up a Disguise Donut Box with any half-dozen donut purchase. There's a catch though: At least during this pilot year, the sneaky boxes will only be available in Buffalo, Columbus, and Detroit on Saturday, May 8, and Sunday, May 9.

If that's a dealbreaker, don't worry, because there are other ways to celebrate no matter which Tim Hortons you live near. You might remember the chain's Mother's Day DIY Donut Kits. Fortunately, those are returning this year at all US locations from Wednesday, May 5, to Sunday, May 9.

Tim Hortons DIY Mother's Day donut kits
Mother's Day DIY Donut Kits | Courtesy of Tim Hortons U.S.

Each DIY Donut Kit comes with six plain, flower-shaped donuts that look like seven donut holes stuck together. It also includes containers of icing and sprinkles so you can turn breakfast into a family activity by decorating the donuts however you'd like.

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