Tim Hortons Is Unleashing Poutine Donuts. Yes, Poutine Donuts.

poutine donut
Courtesy of Tim Hortons

Of course, you can't go wrong with donuts and poutine is practically its own damn food group. So, if you think about it (or don't think about it too much), the concept of combining the two delicious foods into mega-delicious poutine donuts may make some sense. Well, it turns out such a mashup actually exists now, thanks to Tim Hortons

On Tuesday, the beloved Canadian chain (with massive expansion plans in the United States) announced it's celebrating Canada's 150th anniversary with a special Canada-inspired menu that includes, yes, Poutine Donuts. The objectively ridiculous -- yet delicious-sounding -- food hybrid is made by taking a Tim Hortons' Honey Dipped Donut and topping it with potato wedges, gravy, and of course, cheese curds. You're simultaneously appalled and wildly hungry for one, right? Same. 

The special menu also includes Maple Timbits, a maple-flavored version of the chain's popular donut holes, and a Maple Bacon Iced Capp, a cold coffee drink that comes topped with whipped cream, maple flakes, and bacon bits. A spokesperson for the company said both the Poutine Donuts and the Maple Bacon Iced Capp will be sold at select Tim Hortons locations across the US for one day only, Saturday, July 1. (That's Canada Day, for those of us in the States.) The Maple Timbits will be available for all of July. 

All said, if you needed a reason to celebrate Canada's big birthday, the chance to shove a Poutine Donut in your face is a pretty damn good one. Celebrate responsibly. 

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Tony Merevick is Senior News Editor at Thrillist and feels like you'd almost have to eat one with a fork and knife. Send news tips to and follow him on Twitter @tonymerevick.
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