This Time-Lapse Video of Fruits and Vegetables Defrosting Is Weirdly Satisfying

Although they may seem silly at first, there's a damn good reason why videos of 1,000-degrees knives slicing through random objects or hydraulic presses crushing the hell of out things are so damn popular: they are strangely -- and often deeply -- satisfying to watch. Even better, though, is a recent video that appears to combine two weirdly satisfying YouTube genres into a stunning sensory overload.

The seven-minute video by Stereokroma features beautiful super-macro time lapses of frozen fruits and vegetables defrosting that are enhanced by added sound effects designed to elicit an autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR). Basically, as a report by The Verge explains, the video combines that strange satisfaction you get from watching those popular melting videos on YouTube with the equally pleasing sensation you get from the audio candy in ASMR videos. In other words, it looks and sounds absolutely amazing.

If that makes no sense, then don't worry. Watch and listen as the frost gradually melts on a blueberry, a slice of watermelon, a tomato, and several other fruits and vegetables and experience it for yourself. Pro-tip from the video's creators: put on headphones and play it full screen. 

h/t The Verge

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