4 Things I Learned While Drinking With Tim DeLaGhetto and David So

Alcohol actually brings out the best in them!

If you've been on the Internet at any point in the past five years, there's a good chance you recognize Timothy DeLaGhetto and David So. Comedians. Musicians. Hosts. Foodies. They are basically the Renaissance men of our time (f*ck off, James Franco). 

And if you frequent Thrillist, you've no doubt caught their exploits on our hit show Send Foodz -- where the duo drop by the country's most intriguing food festivals, eating all the eats, and drinking all the drinks (their words, not mine). 

Timothy and David were kind enough to break from their taxing schedule of eating fried food on camera and making d*ck jokes to stop into my fake bar, as guests on Thrillist's new show, Shoot Your Shot. You can watch the full episode above (and please do, my job literally depends on it), but real quick: here are some of the things I learned with Timothy and David, while drinking with them. 

David So is actually a very talented singer (and he has no qualms about proving it!)

For my first round of questioning, I dug into the boys' past. In David's case, I came across a video from 2008, featuring one of his first stand-up gigs

In the middle of his set, he broke into a spirited rendition of I Wanna Know, by Joe -- and miraculously, totally pulled it off. He even tried to recreate the moment on-set! But since we prefer not be sued by early 00s R&B artists, we had to cut his performance short. 

Timothy is very careful about burning bridges

If you ever meet Timothy DeLaGhetto, you'll notice very quickly that he's a man of the people. A likeable fellow, with a politician's genial demeanor.

When I pressed him about the Wild n' Out cast member he liked the least (he was prominently featured on the show from 2013 - 2018), he respectfully declined to answer, and had to take an extra shot as a sacrifice. 

Smart. Intoxicated, sure. But still smart. 

American food festivals rose to prominence during the Great Depression

As two of the world's biggest connaisseurs of food festivals, I tested the dudes' knowledge on the history of the tradition. Together (we're all friends, here) we all learned that the modern, American food festival can likely trace its roots to the Great Depression, according to Paradox of Plenty, by author Harvey Levenstein.

Apparently, communities cultivated local food festivals to keep regional food traditions alive when food was scare, and as an effort to raise morale in trying times. Noble!

Now, food festivals mainly look like this. The times, they have-a-changed. 

They both lost their virginity at the ripe age of 18

They waited until they were both legal! Coincidentally, I also lost my virginity at 18... if anyone cares. 

They actually are best friends (no, but seriously)

My biggest takeaway from spending time talking and boozing with Timothy and David was how effortless their chemistry is, and how much they genuinely enjoy each other's company. They don't play it up for the camera: they are honestly best friends, even when the spotlight isn't on. They laugh together. They finish each other's sentences. They know a disturbing amount of detail regarding the other's genitalia. And you get the sense that they actually support each other as well. 

If only we all could be that lucky! The next best thing is to live vicariously through them, by watching the video above.

Which you could already be doing, if you weren't reading this. 


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Wil Fulton is a staff writer for Thrillist. Follow him: @wilfulton. Or don't? He's not the cops.