Tinder Has a Secret, Invite-Only Section Just for Hot Rich People

Published On 03/08/2017 Published On 03/08/2017

If your Tinder pickins' seem a little lackluster lately, it might be because the hottest and most elite users have been using an exclusive members-only version of the wildly popular app, known as Tinder Select, which is being made available to only the most beautiful, rich, and noteworthy people on the platform. 

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As Techcrunch reports, this VIP version of the app has been up and running in stealth mode for about six months, and is seemingly reserved exclusively for hot people, CEOs, celebrities, and otherwise affluent or high-profile individuals who've been invited to join. It's unclear how exactly one is selected, and Tinder has declined to even acknowledge that Select exists, but one unnamed source with access to it said it appears to be populated by "celebrities and people who do really well on Tinder." That would put it in league with other elite dating apps like Raya and The League, which exist solely for -- and are made available only to -- the most attractive, successful, and influential eligible singles. 

Though, unlike Raya or The League, Tinder Select isn't a standalone app. Rather, it's essentially a VIP area of the existing Tinder app, which eligible users can enable (for free) via a toggle button, or slum it with the rest of us on "regular" Tinder if there aren't enough other Select users in their area. And based on screenshots acquired by Techcrunch, it does boast a much sleeker design and user interface -- featuring a sophisticated-looking "S" icon at the top -- which you might expect behind this sort of digital velvet rope.

If you're desperate to join the ranks of this genetically blessed and wallet-padded bunch but don't think you're Select material, there is one feature us plebs can exploit to gain access. It appears Tinder Select users have the ability to "nominate" normal Tinder users. However, to safeguard the pond of uber-desirables from getting stocked with too many aggressively average interlopers, nominees aren't allowed to nominate anyone else. 

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