If You Want to Master Tinder, Talk About Guacamole... Seriously

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It can be hard to stand out from the left swipes of the world on dating apps. A new study from Zoosk analyzed the profiles of more than 3.7 million users and came up with a tip for you: Talk about food.

The study, which also looked over more than 350 million first messages and interviewed 7,000 single individuals, found the people who talk about food on Tinder receive more messages than people who don't. In fact, the study honed in on particular foods that bore the most fruit. At the top of the list was guacamole. Listing this creamy nectar of the gods increased the likelihood of getting a message by 144%.

Coming in second was potatoes. That's a weird one, but, if you think about, everyone loves potatoes in some form. (Everyone except Gollum.) People like potatoes so much you can order tater tot-topped mashed potatoes at Applebee's. Taters were followed by chocolate, which falls in line with what you might expect from this list.

Then: Salad. Salad? Yes, salad. Is it just a correlation or do people genuinely look for salad-eaters to partner with? Who can say?

At the bottom of the list, fried chicken decreases your chances of getting a message by 15%. The only food worse for your dating life is yams. Yam lovers get 70% fewer messages from potential human lovers. Expert advice, based on this study: If you love yams, cloak your love by just calling them potatoes and break the news to your date in person. (Then you can expound on how yams and sweet potatoes are very different things.)

h/t Los Angeles Times

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