This Infographic Reveals Which Companies Have the Best (and Worst) Reputations


Considering how fickle consumer tastes are and how easily public relations fiascos can bubble up seemingly out of nowhere, earning the public's trust as a big company these days is no easy feat. Just try and come up with a list of major corporations you would consider to have a good reputation.

Actually, you don't have to, because this new infographic has already done it, revealing the companies in the US with the best and worst reputations according to the public right now

This nifty new chart (shown below), which was compiled by the folks at loan company TitleMax using data from The Harris Poll, illustrates both the 10 organizations with the best reputation among Americans in 2019 and the 10 with the worst. It also provides some historical perspective by showing how those same companies reputations have changed over the past five years, according to the same poll.

The data is all based on 2019 Axios Harris Poll 100, which ranks the reputations of the 100 "most visible companies" in the US by surveying a representative sample of more than 18,000 Americans. Respondents were asked to rate companies on a variety of attributes associated with corporate reputation, and their answers were then calculated to determine a "reputation quotient" for each. They were then ranked accordingly. 

Earning bragging rights as the company with the best reputation this year is the wildly popular grocery store chain Wegmans, followed by Amazon and Patagonia rounding out the top three. Meanwhile, the three companies (or organizations) with the worst reputation right now are the U.S. Government, Phillip Morris, and the Trump Organization, which take first, second, and third-to-last place, respectively. You can scope out the full ranking here, but these are the 25 companies with the best and worst reputations in 2019. 

Companies With the Best Reputations in 2019

25. Unilever
24. Netflix
23. Aldi
22. Chick-fil-A
21. Kroger
20. Lowe's
19. Boeing
18. Costco
17. USAA
16. Hobby Lobby
15. LG
14. Kraft Heinz
13. Fidelity
12. The Home Depot
11. UPS
10. Sony
9. Microsoft
8. Procter & Gamble
7. Samsung
6. Publix
5. Walt Disney
4. L.L. Bean
3. Patagonia
2. Amazon
1. Wegmans

Companies With the Worst Reputations in 2019

25. Dollar General
24. ExxonMobil
23. Uber
22. Walmart
21. American Airlines
20. Chipotle
19. Papa John's
18. JCPenney
17. BP
16. Fiat Chrysler
15. United Airlines
14. Charter
13. McDonald's
12. Twitter
11. Spirit Airlines
10. Comcast
9. Bank of America
8. Goldman Sachs
7. Facebook
6. Dish
5. Wells Fargo
4. Sears
3. Trump Organization 
2. Phillip Morris
1. U.S. Government

 The Organizations With the Best and Worst Reputations in the Past Five Years - - Infographic

It's worth noting that The Harris Poll also looked at how companies' rankings have shifted over the past couple years. For example, Samsung has seen the biggest improvement in its reputation since 2018, rising 28 places from 35 to 7. On the other end, Facebook saw the biggest decline from 2018, falling 43 places from 51 to 94, likely in response to the ongoing controversy it's faced in the wake of the 2016 election and Cambridge Analytica data scandal.

A year is plenty of time for more scandals and PR nightmares, though, so this ranking could very well look quite different come 2020.

h/tVisual Capitalist

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