Tito's Trolls Hard Seltzer, Makes Empty Cans to Fill with 'Your Own Better Seltzers'

Tito's has made its stance on hard seltzer clear.

Tito's thinks you should retire your White Claw habit and drink something better, which basically means anything with vodka. The distiller is going so far as to release its own "canned beverage" in an obvious trolling at popular hard seltzer brands.

The only difference? "The Tito's in a Can" is just an empty reusable can billed as a "ground-breaking innovation," Food & Wine reports, and a way for the brand to encourage you to drink anything but the all-too-basic boozy bubbly water. 

"Listen, we'd sooner make a completely empty can than make a seltzer. So, we did," the company wrote on its site. "Now, you can make your own better seltzers with smooth Tito's Handmade Vodka and enjoy them at all the places you like can-drinking. You know, that are legal." 

The Tito's in a Can product is a 16-ounce, insulated, double-walled reusable container that upstages your Truly aluminum can with its appearance alone. And while ingredients aren't included, you can fill it up with a Tito's mixed drink of your choice. 

"At Tito's, we put our energy into doing one thing, and doing it really well: making a high-quality and smooth vodka at a reasonable price," Vice President of Marketing Taylor Berry said in a press release. "We developed Tito's in a Can so Tito's drinkers can make their own, better-quality seltzers… ones that are fresh, and are as strong or carbonated or citrusy as you want. Because we don't make seltzers, you do."

The cans are available online for $20 each, and proceeds will be donated to a Tito's partner nonprofit of the customer's choosing.

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Megan Schaltegger is a Staff Writer on the News team at Thrillist.