A Semi Spilled Tito's Vodka On a Highway for an Unexpected Happy Hour

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Usually, you have to brave traffic and unforeseen obstacles on a highway just to make it to a happy hour on time. But in a rare twist of fate, the happy hour can blindside the commuters, especially when a semi-truck carrying nothing but Tito's Vodka overturns, unleashing voluminous rivers of booze onto the concrete. 

That exact thing happened outside of Philadelphia on I-95 South early on Thursday morning. The truck was carrying enough vodka to please a violent horde of Russian pirates, if there was such a thing. It reportedly took crews hours to unload box after box of the Tito's, just to get the truck put back into an upright position. Too bad there wasn't a river of tonic water flowing nearby, but sadly mother nature doesn't provide cocktails like it does apocalyptic fires

Thankfully, the driver only sustained minor injuries in the accident, and no one else was hurt by the truck or any flying vodka bottles. 

Needless to say, it's never a good thing when a large truck flips over. Although sometimes they unleash mountains of pizza and sudsy streams of light beer. We can call those a blessing in disguise. 

[h/t Associated Press]

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