T.J. Maxx Has Giant, 22-Pound Bags of Chocolate for Your Gorging Pleasure

As 19th century Irish novelist Oscar Wilde once famously said, probably with an ink and quill in hand: "Everything in moderation, including moderation." 

The quote holds true especially for T.J. Maxx's ungodly 22-pound bags of chocolate, which you can buy if you're on the hunt for such voluminous quantities of candy, or if you'd like to give yourself a cavity in a relatively short period of time. Reddit user Joycieejuice proved their existence to the world by uploading a picture of the bag, illustrating that, yes, it appears bigger than most 5-year-old children when showcased next to a dad.  

The maker of the gargantuan chocolate bags, Chocxo, told Mashable that it's made over 2 million pieces of chocolate to bring the product to market. Each bag contains 2,000 chocolates. 

Approach this bag with caution however, as it costs $325, which is a lot of money to invest in a stash of chocolate, even if you're stockpiling it like the bounty of a major heist.

Then again, it is a new year, and new, shameless vices have likely overtaken your old afflictions. Spend that money and eat this chocolate. It'll likely last you until February, which is at least over a week away. 

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