Happy Twosday! Here's the Story Behind Today's Rare Date

The date on Tuesday is 2/22/22, which is a rare date in more ways than one.

What is Twosday
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There are many ways dates line up to look like something special or, at least, a pattern that we collectively decide is something special. Dates can be a palindrome—reading the same forwards and backward—like February 20, 2022, or 2/20/22. They can line up in sequence or repeat the same number like November 11, 2011, or 11/11/11.

We're getting one of those this week on a day that is being referred to as Twosday. February 22, 2022 lines up as 2/22/22, and people are celebrating in many ways, including finding meaning in the alignment, enjoying the oddity of the day, or offering food deals. Moreover, Twosday will land on a Tuesday, which isn't really a two but sounds like two. (At 10:22 pm it'll be 22:22 on 2/22/22!)

On top of being all twos, it's also a palindromic date. It's not alone this month on that account. We're going to have a lineup of those through the end of February, which is a rarity in itself. We're getting:

  • 2/20/22
  • 2/21/22
  • 2/22/22
  • 2/23/22
  • 2/24/22
  • 2/25/22
  • 2/26/22
  • 2/27/22
  • 2/28/22

It's odd, but it's really just a date. nonetheless, if you love when the dates line up in unexpected ways and lived through the start of the century when we had them annually—1/1/1, 2/2/2, 3/3/3—you'll have to wait 11 years until the next arrival on March 3, 2033.

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