Today's Google Doodle Is a Pizza-Themed Game

It's deceptively challenging!


Google Doodles are one of life's simple pleasures. Sometimes they teach you something, and sometimes they give you something fun to do for a moment before you get on with what you were searching for. Today is one of those times, as today's Google Doodle is a fun pizza-themed game.

If you're hungry for both pizza and knowledge, this game is for you. Somewhat educational, the game highlights different pizzas from around the globe. Simply click on the slice of pizza next to the pizza's name for a fun fact about it and learn little tidbits about everything from Argentine Muzzerella to Hungarian Magyaros.

The real goal of the game, however, is to cut pies into a specific number of servings with a limited amount of cuts at your disposal. Pizzas feature different toppings, grouped in different ways, and each slice must feature a specific ratio of ingredients. The game features 10 rounds, each of which includes adorable pizza illustrations and music.

Google debuted the game to celebrate the 14th anniversary of Neapolitan "Pizzaiuolo" being added on the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, according to CNET.

The game is actually deceptively challenging. Especially if numbers aren't your thing. Anyway, we've got a high score to beat.

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