Here Are the Countries That Won the Most Medals at the Tokyo Olympics

See how the countries competing in the 2020 Olympic Games stack up against each other.

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics have come to a close after more than two weeks of competition. Since the Games began on July 23, competing nations have racked up some serious hardware. Of course, the Olympics aren't all about how many medals you can win, but it's fun to see how each country stacked up against one another.

For much of the competition, the United States held the lead. Throughout the duration of the Olympics, the country held more than 30 gold medals in a variety of events. The US also held several silver and bronze medals—more than 30 of each. Not far behind was China, which also had more than 30 gold medals and more than 25 silver medals.

The US actually topped China's gold medal count in some of the final events of the games, pulling ahead 39 to 38.

Here are the countries with the most medals in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics:

1. United States

  • Gold: 39
  • Silver: 41
  • Bronze: 33

Total: 113

2. China

  • Gold: 38
  • Silver: 32
  • Bronze: 18

Total: 88

3. Russian Olympic Committee (ROC)

  • Gold: 20
  • Silver: 28
  • Bronze: 23

Total: 71

4. Great Britain

  • Gold: 22
  • Silver: 21
  • Bronze: 22

Total: 65

5. Japan

  • Gold: 27
  • Silver: 14
  • Bronze: 17

Total: 58

Making it to the Olympics is an incredible accomplishment itself. Leaving with the most medals is just the icing on the cake.

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