Tom Brady's Gigantic Coat Is Back & So Are the Memes

Future Hall of Fame quarterback and professional strawberry hater Tom Brady has a knack for working himself into memes. Maybe it's that fans from other teams are envious (slash tired of watching him win), maybe it's because he's kind of weird. Either way, he's meme-able and one of his most legendary memes has risen like an extra in a George Romero film.

The meme stems from a cold AFC Championship game in 2017, per Know Your Meme. During the contest, Brady was seen on the sideline sporting a very, very large coat, which undoubtedly kept him quite warm. The coat became a meme, getting compared to other massive jackets (Doug from Doug, anyone?) and photoshopped to be many times its actual size. 

During Sunday's playoff tilt between the Patriots and Chargers, it once again sparked questions like, 'Is that a couch in your jacket or are you just happy to see us?' In fact, many on Twitter have speculated that this year's unreasonably large coat is even bigger than previous incarnations.

Here are some of the best memes from Sunday's game. 

Whatever he's hiding under there, it's working. Brady and the Pats are headed to the AFC Championship once again. They'll play the Chiefs in Kansas City, so, if you're lucky, you'll get at least one more glimpse of Brady's massive duds.

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Dustin Nelson is a News Writer with Thrillist. Follow him @dlukenelson.