David S. Pumpkins Interrupts These Classic Horror Movies in Hilarious New Video

Published On 10/29/2016 Published On 10/29/2016

On last week’s episode of Saturday Night Live, Tom Hanks introduced the world to David S. Pumpkins -- a confounding and hilarious character who gyrates to goofy techno while wearing a black suit, covered in jack-o-lanterns.

Pumpkins’ trademark is to interrupt terrifying moments with his two skeleton-sidekicks in tow, turning otherwise classic Halloween situations into gloriously dumb comedy. Given the response to the SNL skit -- and the internet’s budding fascination with David Pumpkins -- Buzzfeed contributor Jesse McLaren decided to insert the character into a reel of classic horror films, giving the likes of Scream, Halloween, Insidious, The Ring, The Grudge and The Shining a slapstick makeover.

Pumpkins capitalizes on the element of surprise, meaning he takes after any would-be killer or evil spirit in a horror flick. But unlike Michael Myers or the girl from The Ring, no one knows what the hell David Pumpkins wants or why he even exists -- adding to the mystery and hypothetical horror of it all.

If you’re also perplexed by the allure of David S. Pumpkins, consider looking at this picture of Bill Murray, which might also be Tom Hanks.

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