Tom Hanks Can Still Do the Entire Rap From 'Big'

Between David Pumpkins and "Black Jeopardy!," this weekend revealed that Tom Hanks is still everyone's favorite. That conclusion is cemented by a YouTube interview with Wong Fu Productions in promotion of Hanks's new film Inferno

During the press junket, the YouTubers got some time with Hanks and director Ron Howard. They joke that Hanks and Howard make the interviewers more nervous than the time they interviewed President Obama. Philip Wang, one of the interviewers, takes a moment during to talk about how important Big was to him as a kid. Then he asks Hanks to do they could do the rap from the movie together.

Hanks doesn't hesitate. He still knows every word from that scene. (Head to 3:30 in the video to jump straight to the song.) It's impressive, even if he gets asked to do it once every few years.

The duo from Wong Fu Productions notes that Howard is technically their boss. They're the creators of Single By 30 on YouTube Red, which was developed by New Form Digital’s Incubator Series. Howard runs New Form Digital. So, there's a weird circle in there that ends with Howard and the duo from Wong Fu all being super impressed that Hanks still knows every word to a kind of random scene from a film released in 1988.

Watch Hanks go for it above, and then watch a much younger version do it in the movie below.

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