Tom Hanks Can Still Nail That Iconic 'Forrest Gump' Scene

Published On 11/28/2016 Published On 11/28/2016

Although Tom Hanks recently proved he's down to perform the entire rap from the 1988 movie, Big, you'd think the guy would at least be tired of reenacting scenes from Forrest Gump by now. Well, as you can see in a new clip from The Graham Norton Show in the UK, that's thankfully not the case. 

Hanks appeared on the show alongside decorated British distance runner Mo Farah, so it makes perfect sense that Norton asks him to do a brief rendition of Gump's famous speech about running from the iconic 1994 movie. And because he's too good for this world, Hanks happily obliges, but on the condition that the cameraman cut to a shot of the cue card being held for him so that people don't think he still has the line memorized after all this time, he said. Unsurprisingly, Hanks delivers a Gump reenactment that'll make you want to dust off your Forrest Gump video -- and VCR, for that matter -- and watch it again.

Of course, Gump's running speech is great, but three words from his childhood friend Jenny are perhaps the movie's most famous: "Run, Forrest, run!" But appearing on the show with Farah, Hanks offers a fitting new version: "Run, Farah, run!" So, yeah, go ahead and add that to your list of reasons why you love the man. 

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Tony Merevick is Cities News Editor at Thrillist and thinks it's time to watch Forrest Gump again. Send news tips to and follow him on Twitter @tonymerevick.