This Insane Pizza's Crust Is Made With Ramen Noodles. But Is It Really a Pizza?

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What is pizza? With all of the insane new pies taking over New York and claiming to be pizza, it's about time someone set out mouth-first to investigate and ask Really, Dough? Thrillist's new show follows diehard pizza enthusiast Scott Wiener and hardline pizza purist Mark Iacono of Brooklyn's Lucali pizzeria as they find out what makes or breaks the definition of pizza. New episodes of Really Dough? air every Monday at 2pm ET on YouTube, or you can watch all six episodes now on Amazon Prime.

Few pizzerias regularly -- and boldly -- push the definition of pizza quite like Tony Boloney's in Hoboken, New Jersey. The pizzeria is famous for its 30lb, taco- and guacamole-covered Taco Taco Taco Pizza, but its new Devour Ramen Pizza, which features a ramen noodle crust, could very well stretch the time-honored definition of pizza a tad too far. Is it actually pizza? We found out for ourselves.

In the debut episode of Thrillist's brand new show, Really Dough?, host Scott Wiener heads to Hoboken to meet Tony Boloney's spirited proprietor, Mike Hauke, and to get his hands on the pizzeria's monstrous ramen pizza, which sports a ramen noodle dough crust, a spicy tomato-chili sauce, a thick layer of Japanese mozzarella, and comes topped with scallions and soft-boiled eggs. After tasting and analyzing the pie, Scott is confident that his co-host, Chef Mark Iacono of Brooklyn's Lucali pizzeria, will agree with him that it indeed fits the definition of pizza, despite being a noted pizza purist.

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"Sauce, cheese, and dough," Mark says. "You walk into a pizzeria, the smell should punch you in the face. Pizza tastes best served right out of the oven, 500 degrees across the board. Make it really good. A pizza should look better than it tastes. Those are the rules, with no exceptions."

At first slice, the Devour Ramen Pizza appears to check off Mark's three basic requirements. It has dough (the ramen noodles shaped into the form of a crust), it has cheese (a dry-aged mozzarella made in house with Japanese spices), and it has sauce (a tomato-based chili hot sauce). "When you do the math on it, it's a pizza," Scott says, as Hauke grips a sharp-looking pizza cutter. Now, it's time for Mark to try it in his Brooklyn kitchen and decide for himself.

"This is really good," Mark says, to Scott's surprise. "... It's really, really good. It kinda looks like a pizza." But can Mark bring himself to bestow the all-important title of pizza on this blatant frankenfood? Check out the full episode (shown above) to hear Mark's verdict. 

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Tony Merevick is Senior News Editor at Thrillist and would eat the crap out of that ramen pizza. Send news tips to and follow him on Twitter @tonymerevick.