These Are the Top Companies to Work for Right Now, According to LinkedIn

Anyone who's been in the workforce long enough has held at least one job they can't wait to escape...


Anyone who's been in the workforce long enough has held at least one job they couldn't wait to escape. Maybe it was that miserable corporate gig you had right out of college, or that summer you spent catering. The truth is, it's much rarer to find yourself in the opposite position, slogging away at a place that other people are tripping over themselves to work. Those employers do exist, though, and now we know what they are thanks to LinkedIn's latest roundup of the year's most in-demand companies.

In its annual quest to determine where most people wished they work, LinkedIn just dropped its list of the top 50 most in-demand companies for 2019, as determined by its vast pool of users all over the globe. To do this, it had to gauge demand using a slew of data, like how often a particular company's job postings were viewed and how many users checked a company's career page, as well as how frequently non-employees try to engage with current employees. LinkedIn also looked at the retention rate for current employees. Once they narrowed the list to the top 50, they ranked them accordingly.

This year Alphabet (Google's parent company) took the top spot, while Facebook came in at number two and Amazon took third place. Here's what the full list looks like. 

Top Companies to Work For 2019

50. Workday
49. Snowflake Inc.
48. DocuSign
47. McKinsey & Company
46. ServiceNow
45. Nike
44. JPMorgan Chase & Co.
43. Box 
42. Rubrik
41. Major League Baseball
40. GE
39. Splunk
38. WPP
37. Intel Corporation
36. Twitter
35. Coinbase
34. Publicis Groupe
33. EY
32. Dropbox
31. Interpublic Group
30. PwC
29. Pinterest
28. Verizon
27. Johnson & Johnson
26. SAP
25. Wells Fargo
24. Adobe
23. Slack
22. Citi
21. Goldman Sachs
20. ADP
19. Lyft
18. Bank of America
17. The Walt Disney Company
16. Tesla
15. Comcast NBCUniversal
14. Spotify
13. The We Company
12. Cisco
11. Netflix
10. Dell Technologies
9. Oracle
8. Airbnb
7. Apple
6. Uber
5. Deloitte
4. Salesforce
3. Amazon
2. Facebook
1. Alphabet

In addition to ranking the most in-demand employers of the moment, LinkedIn also extracted some trends among this year's batch. For example, several companies that have recently (or will soon) file for an IPO are in the mix (e.g., Lyft, Uber, Spotify, Pinterest, etc), and tech companies -- both new and old -- seem to dominate the bunch. 

Interestingly, nearly half of the companies that made the list in 2019 weren't on it last year (Slack, Coinbase, Citi, and Bank of America are all newcomers). Also, several have made some serious leaps in the past 12 months including Deloitte, which jumped to five this year after sitting at 22 in 2018, and The We Company (WeWork) which went from 36 to 13. 

Of course, landing a job in a place drowning with applicants isn't easy, but it never hurts to throw your beefed up resume in the mix. Then again, there are plenty of lesser-known dream gigs out there, too. 

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Joe McGauley is a senior writer for Thrillist. Follow him @jwmcgauley.