These Are the Top Reasons Guests Would Leave a Hotel They Already Paid for

Bedbugs, snakes, and ghosts, oh my.

Everybody has their pet peeves when traveling, but some of them are bigger than others. When staying at a hotel, for example, there are a few occurrences or “incidents” that are definitely a dealbreaker for some people.

Travel platform The Vacationer looked into it, and surveyed 1,017 American adults to find out exactly where travelers draw the line. From finding bedbugs to the absence of bibles in their rooms, The Vacationer asked travelers to vote whether they found these reasons to be a dealbreaker when staying at a hotel—to the point of actually leaving with no guarantee of a refund.

Of all people surveyed, 81.02% of them said that bedbugs would have them run away without looking back. Second on the list is foul odors, which 68.14% of travelers said was a dealbreaker.

Violation of privacy is a big no-no, too. According to the survey, 66.08% of people would consider finding a hidden camera a more than valid reason to leave. Being watched by actual people is not the only concern for some travelers, though. Nearly 20% of American adults, in fact, said that seeing or sensing a ghost in a hotel room would be enough for them to pack up their bags and head out of the hotel right away.

A small but not too small percentage of travelers, though, is able to keep their cool and remain unphased in front of literally anything. Of all travelers surveyed, 6.29% of them ticked the "none of the above" box when asked to vote on their hotel dealbreakers.

Take a look at the top reasons why a hotel guest would leave below:

1. Bedbugs: 81.02%
2. Foul odor such as from smoking, mold, etc: 68.14%
3. Finding a camera: 66.08%
4. Stained sheets and overall unsanitary hotel (found by black light or naked eye): 65.78%
5. Unwanted critter in room such as snake or cockroach: 65.49%
6. No locks or broken locks: 65.00%
7. Broken plumbing such as toilet, shower, or sink: 62.14%
8. Hearing gunshots: 55.26%

To read the complete survey and find the full list, you can visit this website.

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