Here's Where Music Fans Are Traveling Abroad for Shows

New data shows music lovers are getting extra adventurous in their concert-going habits.

This year, different news outlets reported about a rising phenomenon in the music and culture scene.

People are increasingly traveling abroad to go see their favorite artists—and with good reason. Whether it is to save some money since US ticket prices are that expensive (remember when Bad Bunny tickets went on sale for $800?) or to just catch two birds with one stone and make an international trip out of it, music fans across the world have been determined to go to different countries in the name of music throughout 2023.

The data agrees. StubHub, a digital marketplace for events, just released its 2023 Year in Live Experiences report, which highlights all the most crucial trends of the year in relation to live events. According to the report, traveling for live events is one of the top trends that characterized 2023, and American fans in particular are taking part in the trend.

According to the report, travel to international events by US buyers increased by 80% in 2023 compared to last year, and Americans purchased more tickets for international events on the platform than fans from any other country. 

But where exactly are these fans going? The report also ranked which international cities are attracting the most US ticket buyers, and some clear trends emerged. 

Based on 2023 data, Toronto was the top international destination for US concert-goers, followed by Madrid and Montreal, proving that Canada and Spain are dominating the market. Read on for the full top 10:

1. Toronto
2. Madrid
3. Montreal
4. Barcelona
5. London
6. Vancouver
7. Amsterdam
8. Rome
9. Frankfurt
10. Tokyo

For more live event travel insights, you can read the full Stubhub report here.

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