The Top Travel Destinations of 2024, According to Nat Geo

Depending on what you are looking for on a trip, there's a destination for almost anything.

2024 is slated to be be the biggest year for travel since the pandemic began. With the full return to travel, there are a flood of options for how you can take your big trip this year. An abundance of options is great, but it also means that making that precious choice can feel way more more difficult. To help you make a decision and inspire your wanderlust, National Geographic has released its 2024 list of top travel destinations. The list this year includes a focus on hotels, restaurants, cultural destinations, and wellness hotspots. 

Below are the top destinations and experiences, which include a mix of adventures for every tier of interest. Some suggestions are as adventurous cruising an epic river in Colombia and exploring ancient art in Algeria, to riding classic trains in Scotland and antiquing in the Hudson Valley. Below are the 20 best adventures you can have for 2024, according to Nat Geo:

1. Go horseback riding in Kenya
2. Run an Olympic marathon in Paris
3. Ski-tour UNESCO sites in Georgia
4. Bear watch in Katmai National Park
5. Hear legendary live music in Kyoto
6. Cruise an epic river in Colombia
7. Road trip Route 66 in New Mexico
8. Explore ancient art in Algeria
9. Dive with sharks in Western Australia
10. Hike a volcano in Panama
11. Catch the eclipse at Niagara Falls
12. Trek a glacier in Chile
13. Step back in time on Menorca
14. Ride classic rails in Scotland
15. Find authentic flavor in Thailand
16. Wander tea trails in Sri Lanka
17. Gallery hop in São Paolo
18. Raft the rapids in West Virginia
19. Go antiquing in Hudson Valley
20. Sleep on the water in British Colombia

Check out more detailed information about National Geographic's Best of the World list for 2024 at Nat Geo's website, because you need a bit more information before you can swim with the sharks of Western Australia. And then, check out Thrillist's ongoing updates about flight deals, to make sure you can get the best price for your 2024 adventures.

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