Topo Chico Will Make its Hard Seltzers Look More Like the Original

Topo Chico will start selling hard seltzers in the recognizable bottles of its classic mineral water.

topo chico bottles
Image courtesy of Topo Chico

Hard seltzers may not be booming like they were in 2020 and prior years, but they’re still wildly popular, and new ones are bubbling into stores all the time. Any list of the biggest hard seltzers releases this year would have to include Topo Chico. The popular mineral water company, owned by Coca-Cola, burst into the hard seltzer market earlier this year, gaining devoted fans almost instantly. 

The hard seltzer version of Topo came in cans and not the instantly recognizable glass bottle. That’s about to change. The cans aren’t going away, but if you feel like you can’t have a Topo Chico experience without the bottle, get ready to have an experience. 

The original release was in the familiar tall, skinny cans that most hard seltzers are distributed in. Not many brands are doing hard seltzers in glass bottles. Stone recently started to do so with its first hard seltzer. Hangar 1 does as well. Still, bottles are certainly the exception rather than the rule.

With Topo Chico, only the Strawberry Guava flavor is going to be hitting bottles. Additionally, like the rest of Topo Chico’s hard seltzers, it’s not going to be available everywhere in the country. You’re going to find the glass bottles year-round in Arizona, California, Colorado, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, and the Chicagoland area. The 12 packs will start clanking their way onto shelves in late November.

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