Coca-Cola Is Getting Into Hard Seltzer With New Spiked Topo Chico

The market's a bit saturated, but Topo Chico has a loyal fanbase.

Courtesy of Coca-Cola
Courtesy of Coca-Cola
Courtesy of Coca-Cola

2019 brought the summer of hard seltzer, and 2020 brought the summer of bringing hard seltzer tallboys to the park to discuss how you could really use some good news right now. Well, here it is: Coca-Cola is working on yet another seltzer. 

Coca-Cola announced this week that it's spiking Topo Chico, a brand CEO James Quincey referred to as a rising star in Coke’s portfolio, according to the Houston Chronicle. Coca-Cola acquired the sparkling water brand back in 2017.

Coke said it would share more information on the new product as we get closer to the 2021 launch. The regular seltzer, which is contained in glass bottles and sourced from a spring that bubbles out of an inactive volcano called Topo Chico in Mexico, is a major favorite among Texans and bartenders. It's currently available in 28 states, but your best chance at finding it is through the online store

The boozy beverage will arrive in select Latin American cities first before launching in the US. In the meantime, let's enjoy the last of the White Claw empire before it's taken down by this magical volcano juice. 

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