Forget 2024, It's Time to Start Planning for the 2026 Solar Eclipse

A few travel organizations are now accepting reservations.

In roughly five months, the much-anticipated celestial show of the year is taking place. We are, of course, talking about the total solar eclipse, which is set to happen exactly on April 8, 2024.

Stargazing fans and space enthusiasts are already excited, and the travel industry has been in high gear organizing trips, experiences, and events that are eclipse-oriented. There are happenings taking place on any physical plane, really. Events are already organized across the US and North America, and there are cruises with tailored itineraries to be in the best position possible to see the eclipse in April. And if neither sea or land works for you, don't worry—you could even watch the eclipse from the actual air, as there are even flights from which you'd be able to see it.

Pretty wild, isn't it? Well, there is something even wilder about eclipse travel. Since many of the proposed trips and viewing experiences are already sold out—and because the demand has been pretty high in the US—some travel websites and tour organizers are already thinking ahead. You know, to give a chance to everyone to experience the eclipse at some point.

Thankfully, tours, cruises, and experience packages for the planet's next total solar eclipse are already very much open for booking. The next total solar eclipse will take place on August 12, 2026, and this time the path of totality will pass through parts of Spain, Portugal, and Iceland. 

For those planning ahead, astronomy-focused tour company Sirius Travel is now accepting reservations for both its Mallorca, Spain and Iceland trips in August 2026, and they are both, of course, geared towards the eclipse. Astronomy guide website Sky & Telescope has already mapped out (and is accepting reservations for) an 11-day itinerary of Spain, where between one city and the other—including Barcelona, Aragon, and Madrid—guests will also be able to marvel at the gorgeous eclipse.

While a few organizations are already accepting reservations for their 2026 eclipse trips, others are still ironing out details—but general plans are already public and available. TravelQuest International, for example, has already announced plans for both Spain and an Iceland eclipse tours, and those interested can sign up to get notified with full program details in the coming months.

Other websites and travel organizers are offering even longer and wider trips, taking guests across multiple countries. Eclipse Traveler, for example, is offering a 15-night trip across both Portugal and Spain to ultimately witness the celestial event, while Astro Trails is willing to take space enthusiasts on a 12-day trip through both Iceland and Greenland for the occasion.

Regardless of what trip you choose to participate in, always remember to stay safe during a total solar eclipse. You can check out our handy guide on what safe and reliable eclipse glasses to buy and wear.

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